All products follow the same life phases. That provide users a reliable information what to use for a new development, and when the end of life can be expected.

– a new product is announced a few months in advance
– samples may be available during development, please ask
– product may be updated during the lifetime, main functionality will be retained
– obsolescence warning is issued one year in advance
– obsolete products are available until the stock is gone
– support is available 7 years after the product has become obsolete
– purchase in this period is considered a spare part and has shorter support
– documentation and software for obsolete products are available on web site
– after 7 years, device is no longer supported

The product will be available from the specified date.

The product will become obsolete from the specified date. It is available for purchase until the end of stock.

Cybrotech is based in UK, with a network of offices, partners and distributors accross the world. We produce devices for measurement, control and automation.


wide application range, quick development, free software, low project cost, low total cost of ownership

wide profit margin, wide application range, worldwide market, fancy applications, unique features

custom features, extensive support, reliable operation, user friendly, rebranding option

low entry price, free software, easy to learn, unlimited, connectivity, professional result


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